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If you've bought a new-build home, you're probably expecting it to be absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, even the best new homes can have some issues.


The good news is that Clearwater offers a full comprehensive snagging report listing all faults and details (with photos) that need attention before purchase.

A snagging inspection can...

  • Identify anything which falls below good standards of workmanship.

  • Identify anything which hasn’t been completed to the specification agreed.

  • Identify anything that hasn’t been completed at all.

  • Makes sure the homeowner has 100% satisfaction on handover of the property from the developer

What Exactly is 'Snagging'?


Snagging is a careful, detailed check of your newly built house, villa or apartment to identify defects in the build and to raise awareness to the homeowner.

We will take a careful report of all the main aspects of your new home making sure all issues are notified by taking pictures and carefully studying that what the developer has promised has been delivered.

Who needs a Snag report?

Anyone buying a brand new house, villa or apartment should consider a snagging report. You could argue that if you’re spending anything from 500,000 AED to 15 million-plus! it would be crazy not to!

As well as new homeowners, snagging services are ideal for property investors too. It’s much better for a snagging service to find that your new buy-to-let has significant faults than it is for your new tenant to find them.

Also, if you’re having snagging issues with your builder or developer then a professional snagging report can help give serious weight to your case.

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