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Clear Water’s team of rope access (abseiling) maintenance experts make use of a highly practical, easy-to-install rope access system.


This non-permanent solution provides us with access quickly and safely, without disrupting the workforce inside your building, or the pedestrians below.


We provide window cleaning services across the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.


With access to a variety of tools and equipment, we pride ourselves on being able to access properties that many others can’t.

"We pride ourselves on being able to access properties that many others can’t"....

Our use of innovative equipment means we are able to reach buildings with little or limited access. This ensures cost effective high rise window cleaning regardless of size of contract.


Based in Dubai, we are highly experienced in working with city-based clients throughout the UAE, who own high rise buildings. This makes us one of the leading companies for high rise widow cleaning currently operating in the UAE.


We think it’s as important to look as good on the outside as you do on the inside. Whether you need a one off service, or are looking for a company to provide you with regular maintenance services, we can help.


Our highly skilled expert team are dedicated to providing exceptional levels of service and paying meticulous attention to detail. We guarantee to cause minimal disruption, and get maximum results.


"We guarantee to cause minimal disruption, and get maximum results."

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Clear Water was established in Dubai in 2006 with a keen focus on presenting professional service and quality window cleaning and building maintenance to the UAE. 


With a huge demand due to the ever growing city skyline we introduced our High Rise division in 2012 and have since had an enviable reputation in the facade cleaning industry.  


The Clear Water High Rise Cleaning division helps your building support your business with a full service of cleaning solutions. We bring our expertise to high rise properties nationwide. No matter where you’re located – across the UAE,  Clear Water will come to you. 


In this towering landscape, we understand that every building brings a unique set of needs to the table, and our expert technicians are here on hand to deliver safety and precision, quality and efficiency. When you choose Clear Water for your high rise building cleaning needs, you know that you’re getting all of the components that make a service great.

Ropes have been used for a myriad of purposes for many thousands of years.


From the construction of the pyramids to sailing boats that navigated the world, ropes have helped us build extraordinary structures and go about basic maintenance tasks for Millennia.


Humans have been using ropes for ascending and descending for hundreds of years, allowing us the freedom to explore and reach places that were otherwise inaccessible. 






Watching a team of rope access window cleaners can be quite awe inspiring. Window cleaning using rope access requires an exceptionally high degree of skill. At the very minimum, all our rope access window cleaners will have demonstrated complete total competence in the following basic activities.


  • The proper inspection of equipment before it is used

  • A thorough understanding of the risks involved in the procedure

  • Performing a controlled descent

  • Using a back-up system

  • Changing between ropes

  • Safe rigging, knots and rope management

  • Assessing and selecting safe anchorages

  • Third party safety

  • The ability to implement an elementary rescue of co-workers


Whatever your rope access window cleaning requirements, you can be assured that our skilled rope access teams can access your high rise windows safely. Every operative is thoroughly trained and all of the specialist equipment we use is thoroughly inspected and maintained. All recommended safety procedures are adhered to and documented and we are fully compliant with all HSE regulations and recommendations.


With rope access we will create the minimum disruption to your work place while ensuring that we do not in any way endanger your employees or the general public. Despite the impressive acrobatics of rope access window cleaning techniques, it is the safest and most cost efficient method of cleaning those hard to reach windows.

For any High Rise Cleaning requests
call us today to schedule a site visit:
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